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                                                                                                      These are large files, a good broadband connection is highly recommended.

                                                                                                                        Please read info at bottom of page before ordering.




                                                                                                                                                 Olivia's DVD 2

                                                                      OliviaDVD2DL2.jpg (127322 bytes)

                                                                                        Olivia's DVD 2 download,  complete DVD filmed in HD,  large format video (1440x1080) Mpeg 2 video.

                                                                         Features four movies.                         $20.00

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                                                                                                                                                                         Esther's DVD2 

                                                            EstherDVD2download1.jpg (65550 bytes)

                                                                                                                   Esther's DVD 2 ,  the complete DVD in MPEG 2 format.     Two movies.


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                                                                                                                                      Celeste DVD Download

                                                              CelesteDVDdownload1a.jpg (62795 bytes)

                                                                                            Celeste's complete DVD , two movies, part 1 runtime 18mins 558 Mb large format Mpeg2 video (HD)

                                                                                                         Part 2 , runtime 10 mins 35 sec large format Mpeg2 video (HD)   (1440x1080)


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                                                                                                                                  Hollie   DVD  Download

                                                                                                        HollieDVD1a.jpg (52198 bytes)

                                                                                                                                  This is her full DVD available as a download .      Mpeg1 video  1.3 G       


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                                                                                                                                              Slip Sisters DVD

                                                                        sisters16.jpg (38447 bytes)

                                                                                                                         Two sensual  movies      part 1   378 Mb

                                                                                                                                     part 2   384 Mb



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                                                                                                                                         Monique DVD 2

                                                                                MoniqueDVD2dl1.jpg (45655 bytes)

                                                                                    Two lengthy movies comprising her DVD 2, sexy Monique is well worth a visit!


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                                                                                                                                     Emma's DVD 1

                                              Emmablueslp7.jpg (46986 bytes)

                                                         Emma in her DVD 1 , downloadable version.  Two movies, part 1 runtime 26 minutes , 372 Mb.

                                                                                                                                                      Part 2: runtime 14 Mins 33 sec, 208 Mb


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                                                                                 Helen's DVD 2     download version.

                                                  Hgkl32.jpg (83668 bytes)

                                       Filmed in 2004 , this is one of my earlier movies, Helen is certainly worth seeing.  Runtime over an hour.

                                                 This is a large download, (1.1 Gb )  you will need broadband , a download manager is useful too.

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                                                                              Jessica's DVD 5  download version

                                             Jessuniform3.jpg (66154 bytes)

                                                             Great new video featuring Jess in uniform.       Runtime approx 20 mins.

                                                                                        $15.00                                         414 Mb

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                                                                                     Monique's DVD 1    Download  

                                                      Monique54.jpg (41386 bytes)

                                                    Part 1  Runtime 33 mins 589 Mb               Part 2 Runtime 23 mins  411 Mb


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                                                                                       Veronica's DVD  download

                                           Veronica34.jpg (43530 bytes)

                                                                                      Veronica40.jpg (25541 bytes) 

                                                                     Veronica's only DVD , now available as a download.  Two movies

                                                                   Part 1  runtime 29 mins  510 Mb       Part 2   runtime 31 mins  546 Mb


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                                                                                             Ellen's DVD 1  download

                                                                Eln27.jpg (42954 bytes) 

                                                               Eln29.jpg (43591 bytes)

                                                        From Ellen's first DVD,  two movies, three scenes,  part 1: 382 Mb

                                                             part 2: 503 Mb     Mpeg 1 format.  720x576  

                                                                           Click top image for samples from the DVD .


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                                                                                          Helen's DVD 1  Download

                                                 HelenDVD1dla.jpg (59744 bytes)

                                                    Helen's DVD 1 download  ,  two movies . Movie 1: runtime 31 mins. 381 Mb.

                                                      Movie 2: runtime 17 mins 30 sec. 235 Mb    Total runtime 48 mins.


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                                                                              Suzanne DVD 10    download

                                           Suzanne10f.jpg (46940 bytes)

                                           Gorgeous Suzanne in her latest movies from her DVD 10.   Features two movies.

                                                                             Movie 1:  530 Mb    Movie 2: 365 Mb

                                                                                            Total runtime 48 mins

                                                                                           Click image for samples.


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                                                                                          Alternatively , order the DVD:








                                                                             Rebecca    DVD2  download


                                 Rebecca2zb.jpg (32773 bytes)

                                     Rebecca's DVD 2 as a downloadable version.  This features both movies

                              from her new DVD in full, this will of course be at a lower image resolution than

                         the DVD version,  total file size : 636 Mb. ( Movie 1:  368 Mb     movie 2: 268 Mb )

                                                                    Total runtime: 45 mins.

                                                      Further download info at bottom of page.


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                                                           Or alternatively order the DVD here






                                                                                  Suzanne DVD 9 Download

                             SuzanneDVD9r.jpg (52999 bytes)

                                                         2 movies , movie 1 365 Mb,    movie 2 , 290 Mb.    MPEG1 format.


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                           The image resolution will of course be lower than the DVD version but it is still good quality .

                            Some of the earlier DVD downloads have been edited to keep file size manageable as downloads.



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