Rosemary's video CD's


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      Rosemary started out on my site and developed her own site, she has not been able to maintain

       her site due to other obligations, so you will be able to access her images and order her CD's here.


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                                                            PRICE REDUCTION:

                                   ALL CDs LISTED BELOW, NOW PRICED AT ONLY $15.00 ea. (price includes worldwide shipping)



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                     Rosemary's CD 16                                                               Rosemary CD 15

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                             Rosemary  CD 14                                                                       CD 13

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                                       CD 12                                                                                       CD 11

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                                           CD 10                                                                                    CD 9

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                                     CD 8                                                                                           CD 7

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                                                                                  CD SETS

                                                                            Rosemary's first  CD's

                       These are analogue video, so are a lower res. Available as a set of six , price: $45.00

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                                   CD1                                                 CD 2                                               CD 3                                                     

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                                CD4                                                    CD 5                                                    CD 6

                                           All six as a set including international shipping , only $45.00

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                                                           Rosemary's CD set ( CD's 1 - 12 )

                                               all of the above CD's to no. 12

                             $49.00 ( price includes international shipping)

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