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              Nikki is 18, a student, and is definitely not used to being in front of a camera, so if she looks a bit uncertain

                that's because she is! So any feedback would be welcome, give her some encouragement it would surely be

                a good thing to see more of her!

                Nikki11.jpg (24644 bytes)    These are some captures from her first video test shoot.

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           this , her first cd features a selection of short video scenes along with the main movie, as well as

               a set of still images suitable for a slide show.  Images below are stills from the videos included

               on the cd.

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                             Included on this cd is a gallery of stills suitable for a slide show , over 80 images.



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                                     Nikki's cd is priced at $15.00,      this price includes international shipping.

                                                        this cd features 4 videos plus slideshow gallery.


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