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Ruth  Blue Dress Download

Nov 28                       Eleanor  Download 17

Nov 21                               Collette  Download 8

Runtime:  13mins 49 sec       Mp4 video

Oct 10             Juliette Download 11


Aug 19             New DVD download added


Aug 14                   New Download   Slip Clips 7

July 31                      New items in the Boutique 

                June 13                   New Download   Juliette barefoot in the garden.    (Multiple slip )                                                        

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                                                                                                                         New Option 

                                                                                         Movies Now Available on External Drive 


                                                                                                     DVD movies are now available on USB Flash Drive





                                     New flash drive option added :   20 DVDs now available on USB Drive    







April  8               New download added to Archive Downloads section.





March 4               All DVDs now reduced to $12.00 (some to $10.00)  including worldwide shipping.



Feb 27   2019                Updates to Downloadable DVD Page.






November 22                                           New Download                                   Ellen Download 16


Runtime  8 mins     Mp4 video    Features topless scenes.







November 1                                              Eleanor DVD 1 now available as a download





August 15      Downloadable DVD option     now available






July 30              New  Download

Rachel  Download 1  added to $5 Downloads page




July 23                                                   New  Download

 Hayley  Download 1




July 2                                    New  Download

Hayley  Download 2






    June 11                        New  Download






June 4                                                    New  Download






June 1                     New Download





 May 14                                                  New Downloaad





 April 17                                   Price reduction on all Blu Ray discs.






April 13                        Rosemary  DVD 3  Now Available 


This DVD features all of the movies from her CD 3,  from the Archive , early analogue footage now on DVD.







    March 15                                                                        New Download        









                                                                              Feb 13                                                    New Download 






                                                                           Feb 9                                   New items in the Boutique    







                                                                                                                                         New Download       


                                                                                                  Suzanne cleans the bathroom             Runtime 10 mins 40 sec.   Mp4       





                                                                                                                                        New Download 


                                  Katie appears in this new download , wearing a cobalt blue blouse and a tight black business skirt.  This movie is also available on her DVD 4.

                                                                                                       Runtime  10 minutes.                         HD  Mp4 video. 







                                                                      Jan 28                                 New item in the Boutique     






                                                                Jan 12                                                                   New Download 







                                                            Jan 7                                                                         New Download 






                                                    Jan 2       2018                                                               New Download 






                                                      Dec 13                                    Samples added for Eleanor's Download 12






                                                       Dec 4                                                                 New Download 







                                                    Nov 21                                                                   New Download added 







                                                      Nov 15                 New movies added to $5.00 Downloads Page

                                                                                                       Price reductions in the Downloads Page. 

                                                                  New Download Option :  buy 2 downloads, get one free. 




                                                                Nov 2                                                Slip Clips 6  now available


                                                                                                                                  Four movies,  4 girls.            Sample page





                                                                  Sept 30                                     New Download 






                                                                                        Sept 28                              New Download





                                                                                    Sept 26                           Compilation DVD 1 





                                                                                      Sept 24                                New item in the Boutique






                                                                                         Sept 19                                   New    Download added     






                                                                                            Sept 8                              New    Download added





                                                                                            Aug 14                     New    Download added         






                                                                                            July 31                             New item in the Boutique




                                                                                July 29                                               New    Download added 




                                                                      July 26                                               New item in the Boutique





                                                                 July 26                     More movies added to $5.00 Downloads page 





                                                                                July 25                                         New item in the Boutique




                                                    July 23                          New item in the Boutique




                                                              July 19                                        New item in the Boutique





                                                             July 4                                   Eleanor  5  now available







                                                                   Some nice new viewing , her latest photos and video now available on DVD, Flash Drive

                                                                and Blu Ray .







                                                                                    June 10                           New    Download added        





                                                                                   May 24                       New    Download added






                                                                                    May 9           New item in the Boutique







                                                                                May 4                       New item in the Boutique





                                                                          May 3                  New Download Added 





                                                                          May 2                           New item in the Boutique





                                                                             April 25                                New    Download added 





                                                                              April 12                                  New    Download added  





                                                                      March 31                                New items in the Boutique









                                                                        March 20                              New    Download added  






                                                                        March 11                                   Eleanor 4

                                                                                                           Now Available on DVD , Blu Ray &  USB Drive









                                                                          March 8                                 New    Download added  






                                                                     March 6                                      New item in the Boutique






                                                                          March 5                                 Eleanor






                                                                                        Some fabulous new video, DVD, Blu Ray & USB Drive options now available.





                                                                    Feb 23                                 New item in the Boutique








                                                                   Feb 20                                  New Download  added


                                                                                                 Justine,  featuring in two movie scenes. 










                                                                  Feb 2                                 New Download  added





                                                                   Jan 31                              New Archive Download  added









                                                         Jan 22                                              New    Download added









                                                                                                     Eleanor  DVD 3  Now Available






                                                                                                                          Features 5 new movies


                                                                                                     Eleanor's Latest  DVD Now Available





                                                              Eleanor's new movies ....available now  on DVD , Blu Ray and now on external drive. 






                                               Oct 17                                                   New    Download added  












                                   Aug 10                                 Eleanor's  DVD 2  now available 


                                                            Three sensual new movies,  also available on Blu Ray.   










                                                             July 26                                                       Eleanor




                                                                                                         Three more movies now available on her DVD 2                                                                                                                 






                                                              July 14                  Eleanor's DVD now available


                                                          Beautiful Eleanor in her first movies,  this DVD features three movies.              Samples











                                                         July 12                                         Eleanor


                                                                                  Eleanor is 22  , and works for an airline.


                                                                             Her new DVD  features 3 movies,  also available on Blu Ray






                                                                                                     download from the Archive

                                                                                                            ' Slip Clips' 







                  This site is about glamour photography.... with a touch of the romantic,

                                      the accent being on  slips. Some of the lingerie modelled by the girls on

                                             this site is available for purchase on the 'Boutique' page.


                                                                         I also produce a series of movies, available on DVD ,

                                                                                these are outlined in detail on the DVD page.


                                                    Downloadable movies are also available here





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                                                       The girls featured on my site are not professional models, as I prefer the " girl

                                              next - door"   look , shot on outdoor locations rather than a studio setting.


                                             The video and photography is my own work and is not pirated from other sites


                                                       For all other updates on this site , scroll down.        




                                                      May  4                            Michelle's DVD 2  now available














                                                           April 28                                  Michelle 











                                                        April 26                  New Archive Download added











                                                                    April 7                 Michelle's DVD now available 







                                                                   April 5                                     Michelle 








                                                      April 2                          New Download added





                                               April 1                                    New item in the Boutique





                                                       March 28                  New section added:  ARCHIVE DOWNLOADS 



                                                            March 27                     New Download added 






                                                     March 26                    Photo Gallery page updated 








                                                              March 21                            Helena 

                                                                                                                  DVD and Blu Ray now available 














                                                                             March 12                            New Download added







                                                                                March 2                    New Download added       






                                                                             March 1              Ellen Green Dress  download


                                                                                     Beautiful girl, beautiful movie.                     Runtime 17 mins 45 sec.    





                                                                                   Feb 27                           New Download added               






                                                                             Feb 21                New Download added








                                                                              Feb 17                  New Download added


                                                                                                        Katie's Download 7







                                                                                Feb 9                                         New Item in the Boutique 





                                                                                Feb 3                                            New Download Added 










                                                                           Jan 12                       New Download 








                                                                       Dec 19                                               New item in the Boutique









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                                                               DVD Catalogue Page

                                       A much needed update to help navigate the DVD collections.








                                                              Blu Ray now available

                                        Starting with Katie's DVD 1, I will be making all of the

                                movies filmed in HD , available in beautiful high definition 1920x1080 Blu Ray.

                                      Blu Ray is approximately 5 times the image quality of ordinary DVD.

                                                              Click here to see titles available on Blu Ray






                                         Jan 8   2016                           Two Girls, Amalie  & Mirelle 


                                                                                                                                      DVD now available                       Samples now up



                                                                                   This great new DVD features five movies.                         Also on Blu Ray and Mp4






                                                                                        Some great new video featuring these two girls , now available .






                                  Jan 17                           New Download Added


                                                                      Katie  Download 6






                                      Dec 7                    Katie Download 5 






                                                                   Nov 30                              New Download Added


                                                          Ruth ,  features outdoor and indoor scene ,  Runtime 8 mins.   HD  Mp4 video.







                                                       Nov 25                                       New Download Added







                                                                Nov 23                    Another movie from the Archive added to Downloads. 






                      Nov 12               Ruth  3     Now Available on DVD and Blu Ray.   Samples .






                                                                                                          Some scenes from the five movies featured on her new DVD , also on Blu Ray.   








                                                                       Annabelle Download 3 now available 






                                                                           Oct 7                         Claudette Download 1 now available    






                                                                                          Oct 2                              New Download added







                                                                                                                      New download added






                                                                                                                       New Download added 


                                                                                                         Elise Download 2 





                                                       Sept 21                           Annabelle's DVD now available



                                                             Her first appearance ,  Annabelle is 24  and works for an airline.        A new girl and a new camera.







                                                                                                   Filmed in HD on a new camera , three great new movies. 






                                                                                                             New download added  








                                                        Sept 7                          Katie 5      Now Available   







                        5 Aug                             Elise's DVD 3  now available               









                                                        26 July                     New Download added





                    July 21         Sophia's DVD and Blu Ray now available

                                               Sophie1d.jpg (58111 bytes)

                           Sophie1b.jpg (50269 bytes)           Sophie1a.jpg (37130 bytes)


                                                                                                            Sophie1c.jpg (69470 bytes)

                                                                                                      Sophia is 28 , some scenes from her first shoot , now available on DVD and Blu Ray. 






                                                        July 16                              New Items in the Boutique

                                                        Katieboutique9.jpg (40333 bytes)





                                                      July 9                                                                       Sophia download 1 available

                                                                                                                       Sophia1f.jpg (51208 bytes)





                               July 8                           Katie's DVD 4 now available

                                                          Katie4d.jpg (139921 bytes)

                                                                                                   Katie's new DVD features three new movies.     Samples now up .

                                                                                                     $18.00    price includes worldwide shipping.

                                                                                                                                   Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                              Also available on blu ray





                                                  June 23                                        Elise's DVD 2 also available on Blu Ray




                                              June 18                              Elise's DVD 2 now available.

                                          Elise2a.jpg (50305 bytes)

                                                       This great DVD has four new movies, filmed in HD.  Total runtime approx. 1 hour 15 mins.

                    Elise2b.jpg (54856 bytes)      Elise2c.jpg (51142 bytes)

                                                                                                Elise2h.jpg (45332 bytes)

                                                                                                         Elise2J.jpg (40311 bytes)

                                                                           Four new movies,  runtime 1 hour 15 mins approx.                                                                          

                                                                                                                 $18.00    price includes worldwide shipping.

                                                                                                                                                    Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)







                                               June 17                                Elise  3

                                                      Elise3a.jpg (67997 bytes)      

                                                               Elise3b.jpg (42428 bytes)           Elise3e.jpg (34588 bytes)

                                           These images are from scenes which feature on her DVD 3 and her Blu Ray 3





                                                          June 4                                                New item in the Boutique

                                                                                                               Katieblueslip5.jpg (43595 bytes)






                                             May 25                            Katie    3

                                             On Blu Ray, DVD and download

                                    Katie3g.jpg (80643 bytes)

                                                                                                                        Katie3i.jpg (41593 bytes)

                                                                                                                Katie3k.jpg (42039 bytes)           

                                Katie3L.jpg (39481 bytes)             Katie3m.jpg (45071 bytes)

                                                                                                              Katie3n.jpg (41937 bytes)

                                                                                                    DVD   features 3 movies,   same movies available on Blu Ray disc .

                                                                             One of these movies is now also available as a download in high quality Mp4   


                                                                                               DVD                                                                       Blu Ray                                    

                                                                   $18.00   price includes worldwide shipping                    $20.00    price includes worldwide shipping

                                                                                              Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)                                                                                              Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)





                                                                                                                                             Katie             Short Dress & Boots

                                                                                                                             Katie3o.jpg (35386 bytes)

                                                                                                       Movie Download           Runtime 12mins 30 sec.   Hi Res Mp4  HD


                                                                                                                                                                        Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)










                                                             May 21                     Elise   2   new scenes

                                         Elisepink1.jpg (155425 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                                      Available on DVD and on Blu Ray

                                                                         Elisecouch2.jpg (25335 bytes)                 Elisecouch1.jpg (28481 bytes)







                                                           May 17                Elise's   DVD now available

                                                            Also available on Blu Ray

                                            EliseDVD1a.jpg (84868 bytes)  Click for samples

                                            Lovely Elise now available in her first DVD,  featuring three new movies filmed in HD ,  (five different scenes)

                                     run time approx. 1 hour.          

                                                                                   $18.00   price includes world wide airmail shipping.

                                                                                                                                             Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)






                                                          May 12                            Katie  5

                                                                                   Katiecouch1.jpg (56567 bytes)

                                  Katiewindow2.jpg (31870 bytes)            Katie5a.jpg (36205 bytes)

                                  Katie5b.jpg (45692 bytes)          Katie5c.jpg (30388 bytes)

                                               Katie5d.jpg (26925 bytes)               Katie5g.jpg (44318 bytes)

                           Katie5e.jpg (33014 bytes)               Katie5f.jpg (51780 bytes)

                                                                                               Katie5h.jpg (36350 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                         Available on Blu Ray and DVD







                                May 5                           New item in the Boutique

                                                                 Katieslip3aa.jpg (46277 bytes)






                                                       May 4                                                           Katie  4

                                   Katie4a.jpg (104994 bytes)       

                                                                                                                                Katie4b.jpg (43185 bytes)

                                                                         From her latest shoot,  lots of great new viewing , this is available on Blu Ray and DVD






                                                      April 30                                                                                           Elise  DVD now available

                              Elise1.jpg (128619 bytes)

                      Elise2.jpg (49935 bytes)     Elise3.jpg (42277 bytes) 

                                                                             Elise5.jpg (33774 bytes)

                   Her first time on camera, some nice new movies now available on DVD and on Blu Ray







                                                              April 25                          Compilation DVD now available

                              Comp1.jpg (28898 bytes)Comp2.jpg (19215 bytes)Comp3.jpg (17134 bytes)Comp4.jpg (37270 bytes)

                                                                                        A new DVD featuring 7 girls in 6 movies,  runtime approx. 1 hour.

                                                                                     Click here to go to the DVD page for more








                                                             April 18                                               Katie


                                           Katie3d.jpg (44559 bytes)

                                                     These scenes  feature in her DVD 3

                                                     Katie3a.jpg (102498 bytes)         


                                                                                                                        Katie3b.jpg (66042 bytes)







                                                               March 26             Katie's Download 2   now available

                                                                      KatieDVD2Q.jpg (55373 bytes)

                                                                  Available in two formats ,  either mp4 or mpg2     HD video.        Runtime 8 mins 45.






                                                            March 20                            New items in the Boutique

                                                                  Katieslip1small.jpg (47504 bytes)









                                                          March 14                            Katie's DVD 2 now available

                                                                                       Samples now up

                                                KatieDVD2J.jpg (49564 bytes)

                                                                          Three new  movies           $18.00   price includes worldwide airmail shipping.     

                                                                                                                                                 Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)






                                                     March 12                            Katie's download 1

                                       KatieDL1b.jpg (85863 bytes)

                                                                                     Katie's new download movie now available in beautiful high profile mp4  1920 x 1080 HD.  





                                                                                      March 7                  Katie's DVD 2

                                                          KatieDVD2i.jpg (52590 bytes)  Click for sample page

                                              KatieDVD2d.jpg (47097 bytes)           KatieDVD2h.jpg (38354 bytes)









                                                       March 3                          Katie's DVD 1  now available.

                                                                                                    Click here for Blu Ray option

                                                     KatieDVD1v.jpg (47979 bytes)









                                                                      Feb 26                         Katie   Now available on Blu Ray

                                                              Katie1.jpg (127377 bytes)


                                      Katie3.jpg (87311 bytes)                  Katie5.jpg (39344 bytes)

                                                                                                                  Katie7.jpg (49355 bytes)








                                                                      Feb 23               New downloads available

                                 Kdl9a.jpg (22771 bytes)          Kdl10c.jpg (39005 bytes)





                                                                        Feb 15            Heidi's DVD now available

                                      HeidiDVD1k.jpg (127130 bytes)

                                                                                                    Features four movies, total runtime 46 mins.          Filmed in HD

                                                                                                         $18.00      price includes worldwide shipping

                                                                                                                           Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)







                                                                    Feb 12                              Heidi download 1 now available

                                                          HeidiDL1h.jpg (61458 bytes)




                                                                  Feb 11                           Heidi

                                                  Heidi13.jpg (69375 bytes)

                                                                                   Heidi is 20, this is her first time on camera .  Her new video now available on DVD and download.


                                                                     Heidi1.jpg (144647 bytes)


                                                                                                               Heidi3.jpg (75616 bytes)             

                            Heidi5.jpg (72108 bytes)              Heidi6.jpg (90582 bytes)

                                                                                                               Heidi9.jpg (36047 bytes)







                                                                  Feb 2                                             New download added

                                                                                                                    Ellendl12a.jpg (46302 bytes)







                                                      Jan 29                              Compilation download 2 now available.

                                                                    Comp2c.jpg (74676 bytes)







                                                     Jan 17                             New download added

                                                                                     Jdl5h.jpg (33167 bytes)






                                                        Dec 22                                New Photo Gallery added

                                                                             Alicegallery1.jpg (39256 bytes)






                                                                                                                      New item in the Boutique

                                                                                        Anjahalf1.JPG (58287 bytes)






                                                             Dec 15                 Claudette's fullslip available in the Boutique

                                                                                                                        Claudetteslip5.jpg (28715 bytes)





                                                           Dec 13                                New download available

                                                                                          Collette4zh.jpg (56582 bytes)





                                                                                                                            New item added to the Boutique

                                                                                                       Claudetteboutique10b.jpg (39011 bytes)






                                                                              Dec 11                         New item in the Boutique

                                                                                                       Anjagreenslp1b.jpg (38255 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                                                           Anja & Claudette  DVD 




                                                                                   Dec 6                       New item in the Boutique

                                                                                                                                  Cboutique.jpg (30095 bytes)





                                                                                     Dec 3                  New item in the Boutique

                                                                               Claudetteboutique6a.jpg (74860 bytes)






                                                                    Nov 25                                 Anja's   DVD

                                                                                         Now Available

                                                                               AnjaDVD2f.jpg (48651 bytes)

                                                                                                          Features three movies, total runtime approx. 1 hour.









                                            Nov 18                        New addition to the Boutique

                                                         Claudettefullslip2c.jpg (39093 bytes)





                                                                 Nov 12                             New item in the boutique

                                                                                                                                        Anjapink1small.jpg (21644 bytes)









                                                          Nov 4                                         New items in the Boutique

                                                                               twoslips2.jpg (35828 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                       Anja & Claudette 










                                                  October 7                                  Claudette's DVD now available

                                                                 ClaudetteDVD1c.jpg (34633 bytes)

                                                                                                    Features 3 movies.   Runtime 1 hour.

                                                                                                                            $20.00    price includes worldwide shipping.

                                                                                                                                                          Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)






                                                    October 3                                          Suzanne's   download 6 


                                                                                                                    Runtime 12 mins      ( features topless scene)


                                                                                                   Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)





                                                          Sept 22                           Archive download added

                                                                 RoseArchive1h.jpg (57731 bytes)





                                                        Sept 20                                New download added

                                                           ACdl2i.jpg (32652 bytes)

                                                                                                                                Anja & Claudette 




                                                  Sept 18                                    New download added

                                              AC2.jpg (40607 bytes)





                                              Sept 12                                             Gallery Page updated       






                                              Sept 10                         Celeste   Photo Gallery

                                                                                                                                      Now available

                                                                            Celestebluesmall.JPG (34336 bytes)









                                                           Aug 28                                         New download added

                                                                                                   AnjaDL1a.JPG (51098 bytes)

                                                                                                      Anja in her blue dress,  The full version of this movie is also available on DVD.

                                                                                           Runtime   7 mins approx.                HD   Mpeg 2 

                                                                                                                             Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)





                                                          Aug 26                                                                     Claudette

                                                                  Claudette3.JPG (108194 bytes)


                                                                                                                      Claudette7.JPG (32532 bytes)






                                                     Aug 25                           Claudette & Anja    DVD now available

                                   AnjaClaudette1.jpg (62927 bytes)

                                                                          Filmed in HD,  features two movies , approx runtime 1 hour 10 mins.    

                                                                                                  $18.00     price includes worldwide shipping.

                                                                                                                        Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)





                                                                       Aug 20                                        Anja

                                                                                               Anja2.JPG (43876 bytes)


                                                                                                                                                    Anja5.JPG (28635 bytes)






                                                  Aug 12

                                                                               newgirls2.jpg (67387 bytes)

                                                                                              Anja & Claudette  DVD

                                                                                                                     newgirls3.jpg (38363 bytes)    


                                                                                                                    newgirls4.jpg (33097 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                                       On DVD






                                                                             Aug 9                        Suzanne's download 5

                                                          SuzanneDL5c.jpg (66794 bytes)

                                                                                                Suzanne's download 5.                                            Runtime 13 Mins     






                                                                           Aug 8                         New item in the Boutique

                                                                    Oliviawindow8.jpg (72122 bytes)











                                                                   July 31                                 Kimberly's Download 8

                                                                      KDVD7d.jpg (43962 bytes)

                                                               Kimberly's download 8 ,  runtime 38 mins.  1Gb   Mpeg1 video re-mastered from archive footage.


                                                                                                              Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)





                                                                 July 29                           Melissa's DVD now available

                                                            MelissaDVD1b.jpg (36520 bytes)




                                                                     July 24                               New download added

                                                                MelissaDL1b.jpg (50697 bytes)









                                                             July 10                            Melissa

                                             Melissa1.jpg (57637 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                                         Available on DVD                                                                            




                                                        July 2                            From the Archive

                                                           Kimberly DVD 7

                                          KDVD7a.jpg (55429 bytes)

                                                                             For Kimberly's fans, a new DVD featuring four movies re-mastered from the original camera tape.

                                                                                                    Runtime approx. 1 hour 15 mins.

                                                                                           $18.00    price includes worldwide shipping.

                                                                                                                      Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)







                                                                            June 21                                New item in the Boutique

                                                                                 Oliviahalf3.JPG (62111 bytes)





                                                                          June 13        Olivia's DVD 2 now available as a download

                                                                                                                 OliviaDVD2DL1.jpg (45451 bytes)

                                                                                      Her complete DVD in download form, featuring four movies filmed in HD.






                                                                     June 12                       Esther's DVD 2 added to DVD downloads

                                                                         girlcar.JPG (47625 bytes)









                                                                                   June 6                          New items in the Boutique

                                                                               Oliviaslip6.jpg (56956 bytes)






                                                                             June 2                          Celeste's DVD now available

                                                 Celesteblue5.jpg (42544 bytes)

                                                                                                                            Two new movies    $18.00   price includes worldwide shipping.

                                                                                                                                                                Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)








                                                                               May 26                                   Celeste

                                                               Celesteblue1.jpg (34983 bytes)


                                                                                             Celeste1.jpg (53720 bytes)







                                                                          May 22              Hollie's DVD now available as download

                                                                                                      Hollie10.jpg (49651 bytes)

                                                                                                                 Get the full DVD as a download         Mpeg1 video   1.3G







                                                                              May 3          Olivia's DVD 2 now available

                                    OliviaDVD2a.jpg (101050 bytes)

                                                                                                Wonderful new DVD featuring four movies.                            Filmed in HD

                                                                                    Samples now up

                                                                                         $18.00    price includes worldwide shipping.

                                                                                                                            Visanew2.jpg (3151 bytes)






                                                                              April 20              Olivia's Download 2 now available

                                                  OlivaDVD1m.jpg (53576 bytes)







                                                                             April 16                      New items in the Boutique

                                                                                                                   Carolineboutiquesmall.jpg (25473 bytes)








                                                                 April 6                Olivia's DVD now available

                                           OlivaDVD1zh.jpg (93450 bytes)




                                                                              April 5                           Some more of Olivia


                                                                                            Olivia2g.jpg (123211 bytes)

                                                                   Olivia2k.jpg (63788 bytes)               Olivia2i.jpg (65234 bytes)

                                                                           These are some scenes from her second shoot,  her first DVD is now ready , filmed in HD.

                                                                                                                                 These movies are now available on her DVD 2



                                                                             April 2                                            Olivia

                                                       Olivia2b2.jpg (58250 bytes)    

                         Olivia2e.jpg (91955 bytes)       Olivia2e1.jpg (58333 bytes)


                                                                                            Olivia2f.jpg (74982 bytes)





                                                                           March 26                                                                               Olivia

                                                                                              Olivia2a.jpg (200114 bytes)

                                                                          Olivia in her first appearance,  and for the first time available in full HD video.


                                                           Olivia3.jpg (85528 bytes)         Oliviasample1.jpg (94181 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Click for HD video sample        ( mp4 ) 54 Mb                 

                                                                                                   Oliviasample2.jpg (61298 bytes)   Click for HD sample (mp4)                                        







                                                                         March 24                                       New items in the Boutique

                                                                                                    Esthermaid10a.jpg (29310 bytes)






                                                                 March 16                  Caroline's DVD now available

                                                   Caroline3.jpg (41682 bytes)


                                                                                                                          Caroline6.jpg (32483 bytes) Click for video sample






                                                                        March 3                            New items in the Boutique

                                                                              HollieSlip3.jpg (32280 bytes)






                                              26 Feb                                                Caroline

                                                                 Caroline1.jpg (76769 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                                                                Available on DVD 









                                                                   24 Feb                                Hollie's DVD now available


                                                             Hollie5.jpg (47678 bytes)

                                                                   Hollie4.jpg (42133 bytes)





                                                                  11 Feb                                            Hollie


                                                Hollie3.jpg (41090 bytes)


                                                                                                   Hollie.jpg (52198 bytes)

                                                                                                  Hollie2.jpg (43247 bytes)

                                                                Her first time on camera, she wanted to give it a try.  Her first video now available on DVD






                                                                                       2 Feb                  Esther Download 2

                                                                                                                EstherDL2b.jpg (19018 bytes)









                                                                           28 Jan                             New Download added

                                                                                     BrideeDL1b.jpg (26102 bytes)







                                                                                    17 Jan                                       Esther

                                                                                                                           Her new DVD is now available.           

                                                                                                      Estherpink4.jpg (116644 bytes)        

                                                                                                       In a summer garden                 





                                                                                            Esthermaid1.jpg (50564 bytes)                   




                                                                          Estherwhite1.jpg (33945 bytes)







                                                                           27 Dec                        New Download added

                                                                                      GraceDL1a.jpg (32388 bytes)






                                                                                      17 Dec                New items in the Boutique

                                                                                      Bridee16.jpg (45687 bytes)






                                                       11 Dec                        New download added

                                                                                                  AnjieDL1c.jpg (21996 bytes)







                                                                    5 Dec                                            Grace

                                          Grace.jpg (57343 bytes)








                                                                    21 Nov                       Bridee's DVD now available

                                                         Bridee8.jpg (99210 bytes)






                                                                 20 Nov                                            New Items in the Boutique

                                                                        Hayley14small.jpg (33489 bytes)






                                                               15 Nov                                           Bridee

                                                                Bridee1.jpg (88239 bytes)


                                                                                       Bridee2.jpg (46318 bytes)


                                                                           Bridee5.jpg (40501 bytes)      


                              Bridee3.jpg (65183 bytes)                   Bridee6.jpg (32439 bytes)







                                                                                         New items in the Boutique

                                                                         Hayleyboutique1a.jpg (30728 bytes)







                                                                    Nov 4                  Hayley's DVD now available

                                                    Hayley9a.jpg (69540 bytes)

                                                                                                    Hayley in her new DVD , featuring 3 movie scenes.

                                                                                                                          Click image for ordering







                                                                Oct 28                                   Hayley

                                            Hayley1a.jpg (206254 bytes)


                                                                                                                                                   Hayley2.jpg (102869 bytes)


                                                                                 Hayley7.jpg (34967 bytes)







                                                               Oct 22                                   Claire Download 5

                                                                                    ClaireDL5c.jpg (50453 bytes)






                                                           Oct 9                                 Lissette Download 1

                                                                                     LissetteDL1a.jpg (54801 bytes)






                                                                                  Oct 5              New Download added

                                                         Petula22.jpg (29671 bytes)






                                                                 Sept 15                       New items in the Boutique

                                                                                                         Petulaboutique6.jpg (37629 bytes)                                  












                                                             Sept  4                                                        Petula Download 1

                                                                    PetulaDL1c.jpg (46002 bytes)







                                       Aug 30                                            Anna Download 1

                                                       AnnaDL1c.jpg (57086 bytes)






                                                                                  Aug 25                                              Lara Download 1

                                                                                      LaraDL1a.jpg (117254 bytes)











                                                                          Aug 20                                         Claire Download 4

                                                                                       ClaireDL4b.jpg (65230 bytes)








                                                                       Aug 17                                  New Download added

                                                                      EmmaDL3b.jpg (35667 bytes)







                                                              Aug 5                                       Petula's  DVD now available

                                                                         Petula7.jpg (75998 bytes)


                                                                                                      Petula1.jpg (101851 bytes)


                                                                                                                             Petula4.jpg (50493 bytes)








                                                                                                                   Suzanne's Download 4 now available

                                                                                       SuzanneDL4a.jpg (32042 bytes)







                                                                                                                   Esmerelda   download

                                                                                              EsmereldaDL1a.jpg (64096 bytes)

                                                                               Fabulous movie featuring Esmerelda,  runtime 13 Mins       460 Mb   Hi Res Mpeg1










                                                                                                                                     Re-mastered from the Archive

                                                                                                                                     Kimberly Download  7

                                                                                  KimberlyDL7b.jpg (107504 bytes)

                                                                                                                        Filmed a few years ago but re-mastered,   lovely Kimberly in a new download.

                                                                                                                           Click image to order.






                                                                                                                                                  Wet Slips

                                                                                                                 Girls In The Shower    new DVD added

                                                                                            ShowerDVD1a.jpg (37438 bytes)

                                                                                                                              Features five separate scenes , five different girls in shower scenes.

                                                                                                                                                     $18.00    price includes international airmail shipping.

                                                                                                                                                visasmall.gif (565 bytes)








                                                   May 22                            Alice's DVD now available

                                                                         Alice9.jpg (51628 bytes)

                                                                                                                   Two sensual new movies featuring Alice's first time on camera.

                                                                                                    $18.00     pirce includes international airmail shipping.

                                                                                                                                                                    visasmall.gif (565 bytes)







                                                                 May 13                                         Alice's DVD

                                              Alice8.jpg (57887 bytes)


                                                          Alice3.jpg (56513 bytes)

                                                          Alice2.jpg (55116 bytes)








                                                                      May 8                               New Download added

                                                                Ainslie3pt2c.jpg (55592 bytes)







                                                                                                                  Compilation download  1

                                                               CompDL1h.jpg (43522 bytes)

                                                                                 This is the first of a new series of compilation movie downloads, features five sensual movie scenes.

                                                                                                         Runtime approx 20 minutes.            Mpeg 1 video.                564 Mb.








                                                                          April 23                                                 New Download

                                                                                              AinslieDL3J.jpg (69409 bytes)






                                                                      April 22                              New Download added

                                                                                      EllenDL11b.jpg (73737 bytes)






                                                                   April 17                                 Ruth's new DVD now available

                                                                                    Ruth2w.jpg (32674 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                                                                click image for more info







                                                               April 11                                         New items in the Boutique

                                                                                                  Laurenboutique5.jpg (40602 bytes)







                                               April 10                                                              Ruth

                                                         Ruth2b.jpg (116443 bytes)




                                                                                                                             Ruth2d.jpg (40868 bytes)


                                                                                           Some scenes from Ruth's latest video which will feature on her next DVD .







                                                                  April 7                                                    A New DVD featuring Ellen

                                                                Ellenread1.jpg (55182 bytes)

                                                                                                   From the archive, a new movie featuring Ellen as a newsreader ...

                                                                             Now also available as a download           click here:






                                                                  April 5                                New Download Added

                                                                          Ainsliedl2k.jpg (37292 bytes)




                                                               April 3                                   From the Archive

                                                                                     New Download added

                                                                           Rosefloraldress.jpg (31723 bytes)






                              March 26                 Lauren's DVD 3 now available

                                                                                      Featuring five new movies   

                                                                                          Samples now up

                                                                                                      Lauren3g.jpg (32321 bytes)




                                                                                                                                         Lauren  DVD 3

                                                                                                   Lauren3e.jpg (47635 bytes)

                                                                                              Lauren in one of her vintage slips which features on her DVD 3, now available.







                                                                             March 8                                              More in the Boutique

                                                                                 Ainsliesilk2.jpg (25019 bytes)







                                                 Feb 27                             New items added to the Boutique

                                                                    smallAinslie.jpg (51161 bytes)






                                                                        Feb 25                                                 Ruth


                                                     Ruth2e.jpg (317803 bytes)


                                           Ruth2a.jpg (328245 bytes)

                                                                              Ruth enjoying the sun in a pretty summer dress ,   Kate Winslet bought one of these dresses from the same shop at the same time.

                                                                                 This scene and others will be available on her next DVD in 16 x 9 format.






                                                                     Feb 6                                                  Lauren

                                                                               These scenes feature on her DVD 3



                                                             Lauren3b.jpg (270097 bytes)


                                                                                                         Lauren3c.jpg (78769 bytes)


                                                                      Lauren3a.jpg (41438 bytes)

                                                                                                 Lauren in her white summer dress , from today's shoot. More great new movies to come.







                                                                                                                    New items in the Boutique

                                                                                              Juliettesmall.jpg (30274 bytes)





                                                                                                            Lauren's new DVD 

                                                                                              Now Available

                                                                                             Samples now up

                                                                                                           LaurenDVD2a.jpg (54634 bytes)                                






                                                                                                         Ruth's DVD now available


                                                                                                       Ruth1aa.jpg (89812 bytes)

                                                                               Featuring two great new movies,  this DVD also comes with a set of hi res photos as a download.

                                                                                         $20.00      price includes international airmail shipping.

                                                                                                                           visasmall.gif (565 bytes)







                                                                                                          New item in the Boutique

                                                                                Estherblue3.jpg (73207 bytes)





                                                                                                                 New Download added

                                                                                             ChristinaDL5c.jpg (63339 bytes)






                                                                                      Now available on her DVD 2

                                                              Laurenpink2.jpg (148046 bytes)

                                                                     Laurenpink1.jpg (42413 bytes)






                                                                                               Ruth1a.jpg (139765 bytes)








                                                                                            Esther's DVD now available   

                                                         sample page now up

                                            Esther2.jpg (72225 bytes)






                                                                                                                             New DVD

                                                                                                           'Play Girls',    now available




                                                                                                 New items in the Boutique

                                                                              Pennysmall1.jpg (16558 bytes)




                                                                                                                    Nice new photo gallery featuring Ainslie

                                                                                                                   this also includes a movie download.

                                                                                                             AinslieGallerypic.jpg (31909 bytes)






                                                                  Juliette's   new DVD now available

                                                             Ju20zg.jpg (26283 bytes)





                                                                                        New Items in the Boutique

                                 Ju17Boutique1a.jpg (59769 bytes)





                                                                                          New download added

                                                              EllenDL9b.jpg (76307 bytes)









                                                                 Juliette's new DVD now available

                                      Ju20a.jpg (72173 bytes)      

                                       Ju20c.jpg (44018 bytes)  Ju20b.jpg (46711 bytes)

                                                     Ju20d.jpg (47681 bytes)

                                          Pretty Juliette in her latest DVD featuring four new movies.











                               Esther2a.jpg (174940 bytes)


                                               Esther.jpg (118399 bytes)

                                                                          Esther is 20 , and her first DVD is now available






                                                                               Penny's DVD now available

                                                                               Samples now up


                                                    Penny7.jpg (45754 bytes)

                                      Penny10.jpg (61266 bytes)          Penny11.jpg (42320 bytes)

                                                                                            Penny12.jpg (31241 bytes)






                                                                                                        New download added

                                                                                                            Roxdownload2b.jpg (46657 bytes)






                                                                                 Penny3a.jpg (126291 bytes)











                                                                                                New item in the Boutique

                                                                                                 Jpink1small.jpg (38288 bytes)







                                                 Penny1a.jpg (157738 bytes)











                                                                                                New Download added

                                                                               Justinedl1b.jpg (42239 bytes)











                                                                                               New items in the Boutique

                                                                     Ainslieboutique3b.jpg (78618 bytes)







                                            Justine1.jpg (55554 bytes)

                                                                                               Justine2.jpg (43933 bytes)

                                                                                                 Justine is 20 years old and this is her first appearance on camera. 






                                                                                              New item in the Boutique

                                                                     Ainslie3zc.jpg (44266 bytes)









                                                                                   New item added to the Boutique

                                                                   Ainslie3y.jpg (45972 bytes)






                                                              Monique's DVD 2 now available as a download

                                             MoniqueDVD2V.jpg (52612 bytes)






                                                       From the Archive, a new download added featuring  Rachel

                                                         Rachel3f.jpg (36891 bytes)





                                                                 New items in the Boutique

                                                             Ainslieslip2.jpg (55599 bytes)





                                                                              Juliette20a.jpg (45012 bytes)

                                                                Nice to see her back again.   From today's shoot, a variety of viewing in this one.







                                                                                    Ainslie's DVD 3 now available

                                                          Ainslie3b.jpg (41618 bytes)


                                                                          AinslieDVD3c.jpg (51803 bytes)

                                                                    There's lots to see in her two latest movies, she brought along a variety

                                                        of her slips to show and tell.




                                                                                     Ainslie's DVD 3

                                                  AinslieDVD3a.jpg (65229 bytes)       



                                                                 More added to Lauren's sample page


                                                                         Lauren1p.jpg (48249 bytes)




                                                                          Lauren's DVD now available

                                               LaurenDVD1b.jpg (63104 bytes)

                                                                       19 year old Lauren in her first DVD , now available.







                                                                           New item added to the Boutique

                                                        Juliette13zi.jpg (43218 bytes)




                                                                                New items in the Boutique

                                                 Juliette18h.jpg (59477 bytes)









                                Lauren1b.jpg (50993 bytes)

                                                                            New download added,  Lauren in her first movie appearance.










                                                                          New DVD download added

                                                                            Emma26small.jpg (23353 bytes)




                                                                 New download available

                                                                          Kimread6.jpg (24973 bytes)









                                                                      Ainsliedress1.jpg (164266 bytes)

                                                                           Ainslie in her summer dress.






                                                        Janelle's DVD now available

                                                           Download also available

                                                  Janelle3.jpg (40612 bytes)  Samples now up

                                                                                     Two movie scenes , her first time on camera.








                                                   Juliette's latest DVD now available

                                           Juliette19a.jpg (43936 bytes)

                                                                    Juliette19e.jpg (56517 bytes)

                                                                   Juliette in her latest DVD featuring 4 new movies.






                                       Ainslieblue4.jpg (51672 bytes)


                                         Ainsliebed1.jpg (53340 bytes)


                            Ainslieblue2.jpg (61664 bytes)        

                                                                                                        Ainslie3a.jpg (33715 bytes)

                                                                                                Some scenes from her latest shoot.   An exotic little minislip from Poland!








                                                     Lauren2.jpg (45720 bytes)

                                                              Lauren1.jpg (67799 bytes)

                                                                                               Lauren is 19 and works as a sales assistant.  

                                                     She brought along some of her things for a show and tell , which will be available on DVD shortly.







                                                                                 New Download added

                                                                           SusannahDL1a.jpg (30557 bytes)




                                                Anneke's first download movie now available.

                                                            AnnekeDL1b.jpg (38633 bytes)



                                                                              Anneke's DVD

                                                                           Now Available.

                                        AnnekeDVDa.jpg (103331 bytes)

                                                                  Petite Anneke , now available on her first DVD, featuring two movies.






                                                                               Ainslie's new DVD

                                                       AinslieDVD2a.jpg (91599 bytes)

                 AinslieDVD2c.jpg (29154 bytes)     AinslieDVD2d.jpg (42514 bytes)

                                                        Ainslie's DVD 2 is now available.  Featuring two new movies.









                                                                         New DVD download added

                                                           Hgkl1.jpg (42705 bytes)




                                                                        New Items in the Boutique

                                               LissetteFslpBsmall.jpg (50787 bytes)





                                                            Janelle2.jpg (64831 bytes)

                                                               Janelle is 22 and works in a bank.







                                    Anneke3.jpg (142562 bytes)


                                 Anneke1.jpg (118052 bytes)

                                             20 yr old Anneke in her first shoot .  More to come.





                                                          Juliette's new DVD now available

                                                            Samples now up

                                                   Juliette18a.jpg (43237 bytes)   Samples now up


                                                       Juliette18c.jpg (60154 bytes)

                                                     Lovely Juliette is back in her new DVD, featuring three new movies.








                                                        Ainslie2n.jpg (45522 bytes)



                                            Ainslie2m.jpg (50096 bytes)


                                                                  Ainslie2a.jpg (56051 bytes)








                                               Jsummertime.jpg (271226 bytes)




                                                       J5jan12aa.jpg (219114 bytes)






                                                                          New item in the Boutique

                                              Jess4w.jpg (55634 bytes)




                                                                    Ainslie's DVD now available


              Ainslie1.jpg (135289 bytes)



                                     newgirl1a.jpg (189421 bytes)

                                         Ainslie is 20 and this is her first appearance on camera. 








                                                                         Jessica's new DVD now available

                                                Jessuniform1.jpg (35417 bytes)

                                                If you like a girl in uniform , Jess looks great in her nurses uniform in her DVD 5.

                                                        Also available as a download.





                                                                                  Juliette by the river

                                            Julietteriver1.jpg (129481 bytes)

                                            Julietteriver2.jpg (110071 bytes)





                                                                            Juliette's new DVD

                                                                      Now available

                                                       new images added to sample page

                                                           J17a.jpg (55973 bytes)











                                                             Lissette's DVD now available

                               Lissette9.jpg (69663 bytes)

                                           Lovely Lissette in her mother's vintage fullslip.  Two movies on this , her only DVD.







                                               Juliettekitchen1.jpg (109733 bytes)

                                                   Juliette in her apartment , new video and still photography.







           Lissette6.jpg (75573 bytes)    

                                            Lissette5.jpg (64746 bytes)  

                                                       Just working on Lissette's new video at the moment. There will be a DVD

                                                       plus a download available.






                                         More samples added to Juliette's DVD 16

                                                          Ju16zo.jpg (63106 bytes)



                                                                                Susannah's DVD

                                                                    Now Available

                                                                More samples added

                                                       Susannah1b.jpg (67583 bytes)

                                                         Susannah1c.jpg (77891 bytes)

                                                        Her first time on camera, her DVD will be available in a couple of days.







                                                                  Juliette's new DVD now available


                                                Ju16f.jpg (52185 bytes)













                                            Ju16white.jpg (252546 bytes)

                                                                A scene from Juliette's upcoming DVD , now available.








                                                                            Jess's DVD 4 now available

                                           Jess4d.jpg (72472 bytes)











                                   Lissette.jpg (64263 bytes)






                                                           Anais'    DVD now available

                                  Anais5.jpg (78201 bytes)








                                                                                              From the Archive

                                       house1a.jpg (170026 bytes)

                                                    Rose , from the days when I used 35mm film.   






                                           JuliettePink1.jpg (88624 bytes)






                                                Juliette's new DVD now available.


                          JDVD15e.jpg (35964 bytes)

                    JDVD15h.jpg (37365 bytes)      JDVD15i.jpg (45618 bytes)

                   Juliette is back in her latest DVD , samples now up.










                          Anais2.jpg (79491 bytes)

                                                                                        Anais1.jpg (63272 bytes)   

                                                                                                         Anais is 22 and is studying music.





                                                                           Jessica's new DVD now available

                                                               JessDVD3a.jpg (70120 bytes)









                                                      Susannah6.jpg (70649 bytes)

                                                                                            Susannah7.jpg (75019 bytes)                    







                                                                         Susannah1.jpg (68306 bytes)

                                                                        A scene from her first time on camera today,  Susannah is 22 and works in a library.

                                                                                                        Her DVD is now available







                                     JessWhite5.jpg (44503 bytes)









                                                            New Download added        

                                                   JadeDL1c.jpg (63470 bytes)                                      






                                                            Juliette's new DVD now available

                                       Juliette14a.jpg (56940 bytes)








                                                                     Jess3a.jpg (43407 bytes)

                                                      Jess3b.jpg (26934 bytes)

                                                                   Jess in one of her vintage slips in a scene from her upcoming DVD.







                                                          Rosy's first download added

                                                           RosyDL1b.jpg (25101 bytes)




                                                        Jessica download added

                                                  jessdownload2c.jpg (34243 bytes)







                                                               Rosy's first DVD now available.   

                                                               Rosy1Ja.jpg (29656 bytes)       Samples now up

                                                            RosyDVD1b.jpg (61964 bytes)      









                                            Jessinblack1.jpg (46376 bytes)









                                      Denise1a.jpg (34961 bytes)     Denise1b.jpg (21145 bytes)

                                                  Haven't seen Denise for a while, she brought some of her things over today to show & tell.

                                                       This will feature as a movie download soon.





                                                                 Jade's DVD now available.

                                                Jade1a.jpg (54296 bytes)

                                                       Jade1b.jpg (34923 bytes)


                                        Features three movies.      $22.00   price includes international airmail shipping.

                                Samples will be added shortly.           Order Here







                                       Jessbedroom1.jpg (51305 bytes)

                                          A scene from today's shoot.






                                                                             Juliette's new DVD now available.      

                                                               Samples now up

                                                    JuDVD13a.jpg (85813 bytes)

                                                      JuDVD13b.jpg (38605 bytes)

                                                         JuDVD13c.jpg (43100 bytes)

                                                          Juliette's new DVD is now available







                          Rosy1.jpg (148368 bytes)







                                                         Jfeb11a.jpg (41425 bytes)







                                                   Jessica's  DVD now available

                                                                             Samples now up

                          JessDVD1a.jpg (71923 bytes)


                                                                            JessDVD1c.jpg (64065 bytes)


                                                                                          JessDVD1d.jpg (69048 bytes)










                                                                     Jupleats1.jpg (43161 bytes)

                                                                                                               In her pleated skirt and silk blouse.






                                                                       Jess7.jpg (142837 bytes)

                                      I am currently working on Jessica's first DVD, these scenes will feature on her next DVD.





                                                          Sexy Jessica

                                              Jess2.jpg (109830 bytes) 

                                                  A sultry summer day in the woods, Jessica in her summer dress today.

                         Jess5.jpg (36009 bytes)             Jess6.jpg (79061 bytes)







                                                                                         Claudia's DVD now available

                                                               Claudia3.jpg (94338 bytes)




                                                                Claudia6.jpg (49437 bytes)       Claudia9.jpg (34790 bytes)

                                                                                                   Nice new video featuring  Claudia, now available .






                                            Claudia2.jpg (369810 bytes)







                           Br1a.jpg (83751 bytes)


                                    Br3a.jpg (271401 bytes)

                                                                   This video is on her DVD 1





                                                                      Juliette on a swing

                                                          Julswing1.jpg (154131 bytes)

                                                                  girlswing3a.jpg (181725 bytes)










                                                                   Ha1.jpg (137638 bytes)









                                            Juliette's new DVD  now available

                                                             Samples now up

                            J12a.jpg (110932 bytes)


                                              J12c.jpg (85248 bytes)  \


                                              J12e.jpg (58516 bytes)









                                                  Lara's DVD now available


                                                                              Samples now up

                                               Lara11.jpg (60247 bytes)








                                         November 24                                            Lara

                                                                                 Lara6.jpg (49588 bytes)           


                                                                     Lara7.jpg (90626 bytes)


                                                                                                                Larasmall.jpg (28582 bytes)

                                                                                 Lara in a couple of scenes from her test shoot wearing some things she brought along to show & tell.












                                      November 7                   Juliette's  DVD 11 now available

                                                Juliette11g.jpg (65663 bytes)






                                 November 4                                    Springtime

                                   Jspringtime1.jpg (152434 bytes)

                                           Juliette and daisies

                                                      A scene from an outdoor shoot featuring some nice springtime scenes ,

                                                                                       Now on DVD








                                                  Juliette's new DVD

                             Juliette11e.jpg (58683 bytes)




                                                                                 Juliette11d.jpg (73163 bytes)

                                                                                           Her new DVD now available.                              Juliette   DVD 11






                                                                                             Veronica's DVD

                                                                                Veronica39.jpg (25361 bytes)






                                            October 28                            New download added

                                                       Sarah2d.jpg (62835 bytes)






                                         October 13                            New DVD available

                                                                       Rebecca and Juliette

                         RebeccaJuliette1.jpg (41995 bytes)

                                                           RebeccaJuliette2.jpg (32386 bytes)

                                        RebeccaJuliette3.jpg (35907 bytes)   RebeccaJuliette4.jpg (37276 bytes)

                                                                           A great new DVD, two new movies , one featuring Rebecca and the other featuring Juliette.








                                      Sept 24                       Juliette's DVD 10 now available

                                            Juliette10c.jpg (67351 bytes)

                                                                                        Juliette10a.jpg (54607 bytes)

                                                                                                       Juliette is back in her latest DVD featuring 3 new movies.












                                     August 25                     Collette's DVD7 now available

                                 Collette7a.jpg (106868 bytes)

                             Collette7b.jpg (55100 bytes)      Collette7c.jpg (29283 bytes)


                                                        Collette7d.jpg (24879 bytes)

                                                          Features 4 new movies.  Total runtime 1 hour.







                                                August 19                                             Pretty Juliette

                                                           Jpinkslip1a.jpg (209010 bytes)

                                                                         In her mother's pink fullslip.     Features in DVD 11









                                                       August 9                            New movie download added

                                                                      RebeccaDL3c.jpg (63711 bytes)

                                                                           Lovely Rebecca in a new movie.     Runtime 12 mins.








                                                          July 26      New addition to DVD downloads    

                                                           Eln39.jpg (64431 bytes)

                                                                   EllenDVDdlsmall.jpg (49449 bytes)










                                                        July 20                   Juliette's DVD 9

                                                                                                         Now Available


                                                           Juliette9h.jpg (37381 bytes)

                                                   Juliette9b.jpg (55542 bytes)

                                                   Juliette9c.jpg (43812 bytes)


                                                    Juliette9e.jpg (34042 bytes)

                                                 Juliette9d.jpg (47895 bytes)

                                                               Lovely Juliette in her new DVD,  featuring three great new movies.







                                                      July 16                                  Juliette

                                                     Juliette10d.jpg (49529 bytes)

                                                                                            Available on her DVD 10









                                               June 20              Collette's new DVD

                                                    Now available

                                              Sample page now up

                      Collette6i.jpg (59275 bytes)


                                       Collette6o.jpg (44065 bytes)


                        Collette6h.jpg (45561 bytes)


                                                                                   Collette6m.jpg (50196 bytes)


                                            Collette6n.jpg (28819 bytes)


                     Collette6e.jpg (55393 bytes)

                                                                    Collette6g.jpg (72314 bytes)

                                                               This new DVD is now available, featuring 3 new movies , an hour and a quarter run-time









                                                    May 17                                  Pretty Juliette

                                                                                            DVD 9

                                    Pretty1.jpg (55903 bytes)

                                       A scene from today's shoot, in a retro polkadot dress.......

                     Pretty3.jpg (27224 bytes)     Pretty4.jpg (20608 bytes)

                          Pretty5.jpg (19225 bytes)     Pretty8.jpg (20691 bytes)

                                                                               Pretty9.jpg (21403 bytes)






                                              May 6                           New items in the Boutique

                                                                 Tyellow.jpg (23149 bytes)





                                             May 5                                 Juliette's new DVD

                                                                                         DVD 8

                                     Juliette8a.jpg (70060 bytes)

                                               Juliette8b.jpg (65614 bytes)

                      Juliette8e.jpg (70861 bytes)

                                                                       Juliette8g.jpg (36471 bytes)

                                                                     Juliette is back with a good variety of viewing on her latest DVD.







                                           May 1                        New Download added

                                                 Collette7.jpg (45173 bytes)








                                        April 13                     Collette's new DVD now available.

                                         Collette5s.jpg (37299 bytes)

                                         Collette5r.jpg (26509 bytes)



                                     April 9                      

                                        Collette5q.jpg (74202 bytes)





                                    April  2                          Sarah movie download now available:

                                                    Sarahmovie1.jpg (40181 bytes)           











                                  March 23                                   New Download added

                                                   EllenMovie7b.jpg (56976 bytes)






                                 March 7                        Avril's new DVD now available

                              Avrilpurple.jpg (67328 bytes)

                                                     Avril in her new purple evening dress. Her new DVD features 3 movies.


                                             Avrilwhitedress2.jpg (66301 bytes)

                                                  Avrilwhitedress3.jpg (55900 bytes)

                                                        Avril loves tight little dresses!







                                 Feb 22                      Suzanne's DVD 11 now available.

                                 Suzanne11g.jpg (29104 bytes)

                                            Suzanne11d.jpg (29460 bytes)

                                                             Samples now up




                                          Feb 21                                                  Collette

                                      Colletteoutdoors1.jpg (49347 bytes)







                                          Feb 18                                    On a warm summer's day.......        


                                                                             Collette out in the garden today

                                         ColletteFeb18b.jpg (74955 bytes)






                             Feb 14                                          Suzanne in silk

                                         Suzanne13a.jpg (36332 bytes)

                                               Suzanne11b.jpg (37767 bytes)

                                                                   Suzanne11c.jpg (41411 bytes)

                                                                                    Suzanne's DVD 11 now available






                              Feb 12                                             Collette DVD5

                             Collette5G.jpg (42942 bytes)


                                                                                              Collette5i.jpg (32171 bytes)

                                                   Collette5N.jpg (26409 bytes)

                                            Collette in a little stretch velvet dress .

                                                                              Her DVD 5 is now available.








                                    Feb 4         


                                             Collettenew2.jpg (26579 bytes)

                                                                             Collette in the shower..........


                                                         Collettenew1.jpg (28579 bytes)










                                             Jan 28                             Welcome back Collette

                                       Collette5a.jpg (87249 bytes)

                                      Nice to have her back again, Collette has been away for 3 months working in a vineyard.








                                             Jan 19                               Juliette

                                         Jbicycle1.jpg (78958 bytes)

                                                 A summer scene from today's shoot.




                                            Jan 18                                New Download added      

                                     ElizabethDL1a.jpg (66986 bytes)                   






                   3 January 2010                       Avril

                         Avrilblue1.jpg (47110 bytes)

                                                       Avril in her vintage minislip.                                       Now on DVD


                             December 30                               Avril in the sun

                                          Avril3a.jpg (53573 bytes)

                                                   A couple of scenes from today's shoot .

                                                   Avril3c.jpg (55822 bytes)


                                                          Avrilwhitedress1.jpg (40588 bytes)






                                 December 29              Juliette's new DVD now available

                                                 Juliette7g.jpg (41273 bytes)

                                                                                 Great new DVD featuring four movies.



                   December 24                              Juliette's new DVD

                                         Juliette7d.jpg (46181 bytes)

                                                                          Juliette7e.jpg (25150 bytes)   

                                                                       Juliette7f.jpg (32871 bytes)

                                                                            Juliette's new DVD now available.




                                     December 23                        Juliette

                                          JulietteDVD7a.jpg (89609 bytes) 

                                                                        Summer afternoon in the garden


                                      JulietteDVD7b.jpg (86632 bytes)


                                               Juliette8e.jpg (70861 bytes)

                                A couple of scenes from today's shoot , among the trees on a warm summer day.









                      December 5                  Avril's new DVD now available

                          Avril2h.jpg (36406 bytes)


                       Avril2d.jpg (38583 bytes)


                                      Avril2e.jpg (41118 bytes)

                                                                             Avril2c.jpg (42936 bytes)

                                                                                         Avril in her DVD 2 , featuring three great new movies.







                                             November 28                   Collette's new DVD

                                                                       Now Available    Samples now up.

                                      Collette4y.jpg (99764 bytes)

                                                 Collette4i.jpg (31956 bytes)

                                                                                           Collette4J.jpg (34582 bytes)

                                                                                              A good variety of viewing in her new DVD 4.  Three movies.








                                                   Emmahalf1.jpg (39129 bytes)

                                                                                                     EmmablueslipA.jpg (28135 bytes)

                                                                            It's been a while since we've seen Emma , she called in yesterday for a social visit so

                                                                                                                I took the opportunity to get a few shots. 






                                          November 11                                Juliette

                                  Juliette7a.jpg (39371 bytes)

                                                   In her mini dress ,

                                                                              Juliette7c.jpg (30932 bytes)










                                                 Oct 31                   Avril's first DVD now available

                                                Avril6.jpg (47616 bytes)




                                           October 26                                            Avril

                                                       Avril2a.jpg (82826 bytes)

                                                                                         A nice outdoor scene from her second shoot.  








                                October 16                                  Avril

                              Avril2.jpg (42499 bytes)


                                               Avrilmirror1.jpg (37434 bytes)

                                       Avril is 19 and works as a cafe waitress.    This is her first time on camera and here are

                                       a couple of images from her first movie shoot today.

                                                 Avril4.jpg (32316 bytes)







                                 October 11                                 New Download Available

                                                   LisaDL2.jpg (27839 bytes)



                          October 6                                     Lisa


                                             Lisa1.jpg (53591 bytes)

                                                                 Lisa4.jpg (34464 bytes)

                                                                      Lisa in her first interview                                  Some movies to follow






                              October 3                                  Collette's DVD 3

                                                                               Now Available

                                                                                                   Samples now up

                                    Collette3h.jpg (44566 bytes)


                                Collette3f.jpg (46556 bytes)




                                 Collette3b.jpg (38593 bytes)


                                                                    Collette3d.jpg (36135 bytes)

                                                                                   Collette3e.jpg (43704 bytes)






                                  Sept 15                                     New Download Added

                                                       Collette55.jpg (26186 bytes)





                                Sept 14                      Juliette's DVD 6 now available.

                                Juliette6d.jpg (36783 bytes)


                                               Juliette6b.jpg (73782 bytes)

                                                                                       Juliette in vintage silk !                Two great new movies.

                                                                      Her new DVD available now.      Visit DVD page to order





                                Sept 11                                                         Collette

                                             Collette4f.jpg (79304 bytes)

                                                                                     Collette4c.jpg (65728 bytes)

                                                                                         Collette4h.jpg (37342 bytes)







                                                                  Juliette6a.jpg (51266 bytes)

                                                                                                             Juliette DVD 6





                                                                                    New Download Added

                                                 Kdownload4F.jpg (26837 bytes)








                               Juliette11Aug1.jpg (62173 bytes)

                                             Juliette in vintage silk







                                                 Collettepink1.jpg (29373 bytes)










                                                JulietteCobalt1.jpg (36395 bytes)

                                                                         A scene from Juliette's latest movie.







                                   Aug 8                                    Collette's DVD 2

                                                                            Now Available

                                   Collette2e.jpg (49530 bytes)





                                 July 24                  Collette's first DVD now available

                                         Collette8a.jpg (77583 bytes)

                                   Lovely 20 yr old Collette in her first DVD , featuring three movie scenes. Total runtime 56 mins

                                                                                              Click here for more







                                July 15         Suzanne's DVD 10 Now Available

                                            Sample page now up

                                           Suzanne10zk.jpg (28854 bytes)

                                          Suzanne10c.jpg (39746 bytes)

                                                                        Suzanne10d.jpg (43335 bytes)







                     July 10                            Collette


                             ColletteQ.jpg (87239 bytes)




                                     ColletteRetro2.jpg (43002 bytes)

                                                                      ColletteRetro1.jpg (45045 bytes)

                                                                                Collette2a.jpg (43880 bytes)







                                 July 1                                  Collette

                          Collette1.jpg (70120 bytes)

                                                                 Collette2.jpg (53139 bytes)



                                                                   Collette3.jpg (58129 bytes)

                                                                      20 year old Collette's first time on camera ........  more to come.













                              June 13                          New Download added

                            SuzbluedressDLb.jpg (52530 bytes)







                          June 6                                  Rebecca         DVD now available

                             Rebecca2a.jpg (45707 bytes)


                                            Rebecca2b.jpg (42578 bytes)

                                           A couple of scenes from her new DVD.                 Now available.

                                           Rebecca2g.jpg (42051 bytes)

                                                                                      A very tight fitting 1960's dress

                                                  Rebecca2f.jpg (31315 bytes)







                                                                Suzanne's new DVD

                                                           Now Available

                                SuzanneDVD9g.jpg (41151 bytes)

                             SuzanneDVD9b.jpg (58370 bytes)

                                                                       SuzanneDVD9c.jpg (62345 bytes)